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This one's for administrators of workspaces on the Enterprise plan! Find out more about your capabilities in Notion ๐Ÿ‘ฅ

Workspaces on the Enterprise Plan have two admin types. Here is an overview of their capabilities within the workspace:

Workspace owner

Workspace owners can manage everything in the workspace from settings to security, members to groups โ€” and even delete an entire workspace.

Think of them as the primary administrator of the workspace with the most expansive permissions.

Tip: We recommend you choose at least two workspace owners so there is always a backup!

Membership admin

Membership admins are more limited administrators who can manage user membership. They can:

  • Add or remove members from the workspace.

    • Note: Membership admins can add users to the workspace in a member role only. Membership admins cannot add Workspace owners or Membership admins to the workspace.

  • Add or remove members, Membership admins, and Workspace owners from existing groups.

Membership admins cannot edit other workspace settings.

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