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This article will cover how to verify ownership of a domain and which advanced workspace security settings it will unlock for Enterprise customers 🧷

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What is domain verification?

Domain refers to the email address domain associated with a Notion account. Domain verification allows Admins of a workspace to claim ownership over a domain, which will unlock domain management settings.

Prerequisites for domain verification with Notion

  • Workspace must be on the Enterprise plan

  • You must be an Admin of your workspace

Benefits of Domain Verification

  • You can configure SAML SSO for your workspace

  • You can customize who can create workspaces

  • You can build Notion integrations using Link Previews

In the workspace settings, navigate to the Identity & Provisioning tab and complete the following steps to verify your domain.

  • Within the Domain Management section, click the Add domain button.

  • Type in the domain that you wish to verify and click the Next button. The domain will be added to the list of your verified domains in a pending verification (designated with the color gray).

  • Update the DNS record by following the instructions in the Verification Modal.

Note: Typically, a change in the DNS record takes only minutes to propagate; however, there are cases where it may take up to 72 hours.

  • After updating the DNS record, Click Verify to notify Notion to check your DNS record.

Note: You must verify a domain within 1 week of adding the domain. After a week, the verification code expires and the domain needs to be re-added from within the Identity & Provisioning tab.

  • Once verification is complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email and the domain will be displayed in green.

If you’re building an integration with Notion, like Link Previews, you’ll need to verify your domain in the integration management page (this action will not take place in Notion).

You can find the full instructions in our Developer Guides →

Prerequisites for customizing workspace creation permissions

Customize permissions for workspace creation using your domain(s)

You can customize permissions for who can create new workspaces using your verified domain(s).

Use the dropdown to switch between the following options:

  • Select Anyone to allow any user with your verified domain to create a new workspace.

  • Select Workspace admins to prevent users with your verified domain from creating new workspaces, unless they’re a Admin of the current workspace.

Note: The default setting for workspace creation permissions once a domain is verified is Workspace admins only.


How do I know if domain ownership verification is complete?

If domain ownership verification is complete, the verified domain will appear in a green color scheme.

My domain is displayed in red. What does this mean?

If the domain is displayed in red that means that either the domain ownership has already been verified in another workspace or the Notion-provided verification code has expired (it expires after 1 week).

To verify the domain, please restart the verification process from the beginning.

My domain is displayed in grey. What does this mean?

If the domain is displayed in grey, that means it’s pending validation. You need to either complete the instructions to update the DNS record or click Verify in the Verification modal.

I verified my domain in the past with the help of the Notion Support team. What will my workspace creation permissions be?

If you verified your domain before the functionality to customize permissions for workspace creation was supported, your setting will remain as Anyone can create a workspace using your verified domain(s).

Why would I want to verify more than one domain?

If you own multiple domains – e.g. and – and you plan to use SAML SSO to manage users from these domains or customize their permissions to create new workspaces, you might want to verify multiple domains.

Who is restricted from creating a workspace when the setting is Only Workspace Owners?

Users from your verified domain will be restricted from creating new workspaces. Only workspace owners of the workspace where the domains have been verified, will be able to create workspaces.

Where can I find a list of workspaces that have already been created using my verified domain?

This view is not yet supported. Stay tuned!

Why is Notion updating legal terms for domain management?

What can workspace owners do with domain management?

In the future, we will introduce new domain management features that help Workspace owners better control and secure their workspaces.

One planned feature gives enterprise plan Workspace owners the ability to view the list of workspaces that have been created using their verified domain. For example, a Workspace owner who has verified ownership of the domain would be able to view workspaces that have been created using an email of that corporate domain and, in some cases, initiate a transfer of those workspaces into an authorized enterprise plan.

What is visible to workspace owners with domain management?

Owners of a domain will be able to see a list of workspaces that were created using the corporate domain, including information such as the list of workspace owners, number of members, and created date. They will not be able to see the content within the workspace.

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