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- Modeling Reel 2014 -


Modeling Reel 2014 – Henning Sanden from FlippedNormals on Vimeo.


This is my 2014 modeling reel.

Primary tools – modo and Maya
Sculpting – ZBrush
Texturing – Mari
Rendering -Vray and modo
Photoscanning – Agisoft Photoscan

Here’s a more in-depth breakdown for each piece:


This was sculpted in ZBrush over the course of 3 days. It’s only meant to show human anatomy and sculptural understanding and he does not have animation ready topology. He’s rendered in modo.


Bob  - The Ocean King 

This project was primarily a result of wanting to explore a character design I’ve had in mind for a while. He started a sculpt in ZBrush which I later retopologized in modo. The texturing was done in Mari. I brought it all back into modo to finalize the shading and lighting.

Some ZBrush screengrabs

ZBrush003 ZBrush002

After the Storm

This was primarily a Maya project. I firmly believe that the best way to learn an application better is to do a lot of work in it. Most of the work was done in Maya and V-Ray, except for the texturing texturing which was done in Mudbox.

Some additional ZBrush shots.

06_ZB04 06_ZB06 06_ZB02

1939 Rolls Royce Phantom III Vutotal Cabriolet

I chose this project due to the elegant design of the real car. It was some very challenging areas to model which I regarded as a rewarding challenge.  It was all modelled in modo.


The Photo-scanned Miniature

For the graduation film I was a part of at The Animation Workshop, the director wanted a stop-motion feel over it. We then built a miniature set in about 1:9 scale. The set was then rebuilt in Maya based on the scanned model I got out of Photoscan. In order to get the textures, we shot each shot in the real set and projected them on top of the clean geometry. It was all lit and rendered using Vray for Maya, with some light color grade on top in Nuke.

Here’s are two renders with the main character integrated into the lit set. As you can see, we can adjust the lighting pretty much to our hearts content.




This is one of the two characters also from the graduation film I was a part of: Roommate Wanted. Zack is a zombie, though a kind and silly one. He was rather elaborate to model, as all his limbs are detachable, such as his head, arms, legs and so on; in the film they’re all torn off.