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Moody Conrad

Conrad was always a tad different from the other kids. First off, his parents always packed his lunch in brightly coloured paper. Second, he was incedibly fascinated by small worms and insects. Oh, and he was also a cave monster, decented from a rare spieces of mountain based monkeys.

That didn’t stop him from trying to enjoy life to the full though. This all ended one evening when somebody stole his butterfly collection. He became… moody.

This piece started off in Zbrush to get the concept nailed down, along with a photoshop paintover. I then brought into modo to retopologize it. Once the topology was working, I kept on sculpting it in ZBrush until I was satisfied. For texturing, I used Mari, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite apps. I brought it all together in modo for rendering. I did post work on it in Photoshop for the final touches.




It’s the cover image for issue 99 of 3D Creative!MoodyConrad_3DCreative

Here’s a video with turntables and closeups.

Moody Conrad from Henning Sanden on Vimeo.