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This can now be bought at!




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I was commissioned to make a 3D model of Forever Alone Guy. The goal was for it to be printed and sold.

The base mesh was made in Modo, I sculpted it in ZBrush and I retopologized the model in Topogun.


The original meme-sketch.

A 3D render.


This is the final print.



  • Jigurda

    This a shit D:

  • Kengik


  • Lama Jrllah

    can i buy this online?

    • Henning Sanden

      Hopefully you can soon. I can post here once it’s out.

  • LazerJet

    I want to buy this guy)

  • Lizzaaa

    awesome I’d buy it

  • Cheynecg

    lol. I always wondered what these guys would look like as 3D renders. You nailed the look on Forever Alone Guy.

  • CaptainStepha

    WOW. he actually isn’t so hideous in 3D… Mm. Yeah, nevermind. He’s hideous.

  • Akashshadeslayer

    Looks creepy.If I saw that thing staring at me suddenly during the night,I’d freak out.

  • Lagg

    Have you checked if it’s 3D-printable?