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Made in modo, Zbrush, After effects and photoshop.

I used modo for modelling, scene setup, lighting, rendering and so on. Pretty much everything, really. ZBrush was used for the rocks, and the fish itself. I used AE for postwork, and Photoshop for some texture and post work.

Otto was always a bit different from the other creatures of the sea. He was never quite sure who or what he wanted to be, until the day he saw a Great White swimming along, minding his own business. From this day onwards, Otto knew he wanted to be a shark, even though he lacked the obvious badass-predator-look which only sharks, lions and certain Scottish people posses.

Otto never really liked his name though. Otto he thought, wasn’t really him. He then spread a rumour that people now called him Vlad, but it never really got around that much, to the would-be Vlad’s great disappointment. He sometimes signs important papers with the name Vlad though, just because it makes him feel cool.

To show the world that he is in fact a shark, he frequently tries to harass and kick other fish’s ass, but they are generally just annoyed and tell him to bugger off. Despite the fact that he is a rather unsuccessful shark, he’s still pleased with himself. At least he has a shark fin, even though it may be made out of rubber.