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Meet Muffin, a French Frenchman. He always seemed pleasant. You could imagine him baking pie. Muffin was born with a terrible deformity: awful british teeth. He was often offered braces, but as he had room temperature IQ he believed braces were a placebo – a very cunning placebo. Despite his lack of intelligence, he was exeptionally creative. Over the years he found several unique uses for his deformity: He could use them as a portable hook where he could hang clothing, use it to to show off dead squirrels, paint them different colours and so on.
Occationally, he mounts his favourite rottweiler or other large mammals while singing the French anthem. Nobody is quite sure why he does it, but some people think it’s his way of expressing joy.
Though he has a kind and jolly exterior, he has a rather dark persona as well. The most severe problem is that he really, really enjoys Grease. This is of course something he has never admitted publicly, as he would with all probability be banished from France to some godforsaken island in the Pacific.

Made using Modo, Zbrush and Photoshop.